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About Our Business

Creating sustainable change for all. Together.

The Avenir Network is an Equity, Inclusion, diversity consultancy that works in partnership with organisations wanting to make a meaningful and measurable difference. We work with transparency and passion to better enable our partners to make substantial and sustainable change for all. 

We know businesses that are more inclusive perform better and have stronger commercial success than those that do not and we have a team of expert change-makers ready to support you on this important journey. 

Our approach is to take the time to understand your organisation and your organisations challenges - your leadership team, your employees, your customers and your supply chain and make data-based recommendations on how you can transform your organisations’ ethics and culture.

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Our Values

Courageousness + Collaboration + Commitment + Accountability = Sustainable Equity & Inclusion


Courageousness - We are courageous in challenging the status quo. We understand the world is built to benefit those of privilege and it takes courage to acknowledge inequalities.


Collaboration - Working together is the key to success. No one should face EDI inequalities alone. Working collaborative yields sustainable success


Commitment- Systematic, long-term change requires commitment. There’s no ‘quick-fix’, developing and embedding inclusive behaviours and cultural transformation doesn't happen overnight. We are committed to supporting and partnering with you on your long-term EDI journey


Accountability - Systemic and sustainable change is the responsibility of everyone. We are all accountable on this journey for the work we do (or do not) do

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